A book?

In the year 2010, I dreamed I was under a tree and a man of great influence in the art world encouraged  me to create a book of  my dreams in an abstract expressionist form. Never had I thought or desired to create a book. Ever! I didn’t think of this again until my return from exhibiting in Italy in 2014, I recieved  an email from Tim Hill of artbookpress.com who had seen my work in a New York City exhibit. He asked if I would be interested in creating a book with artbookpress of paintings of my dreams…( I agreed to work with him ,only because of the dream that I had the prior year that alluded to a man of great influence in the art world .Tim Hill is a renowned publisher having worked with Ansel Adams  and other great artist.) see http://www.artbookpress.com. The experience of working with Mr.Hill  in the creation of  the book  was demanding, which expanded my scope and was most rewarding . Our agreement culminated in the creation of my first Artbook “Dreamscapes” published in 2014. The book is introduced by Dr.Anthony Bannon then, the executive director of the Burchfield Penny art center.Also included,Nancy Weekly the curator of the Burchfield penny art center gives an insightful analysis of my work dating 2010-2014. In November 2014 Dreamscapes was published. A discussion and booksigning  featuring “Dreamscapes” was facilitated by Dr.Bannon and Don Metz.




To purchase a copy of  Dreamscapes go to the museum store:











Working from the inside out

After being in a near fatal auto collision in 2000 my dream life became more vivid and real . From 2006 to the present I have honed an ability to interpret dreams. After exhibiting in New York City in 2010 , in a dream I was directed to paint from the inside out. As I draw with no intent my hand, often recreates past present and future events.