“Varying views” Renee Brown

On the morning of 9/11, I dreamed I was assisting Hillary Clinton in campaigning for office. I thought this quite strange because I had never been politically motivated . I believe at the time I was a registered republican but not active in thought or deed toward politics.

I recorded this dream in my dream journal and at about 9am later that morning I was numb with the rest of the world watching the 9/11 events unfold.

When Ms Clinton entered the presidential race in 2015 , I lifted this dream with the perspective of recording her run using spheres and lines as metaphors of her years in the political arena since 9/11. Thus the outcome yielding Trumps win came forth as can be seen in painting “The race” Which I created before the 2016 election. Note dated on my phone timeline collaborated with my dream journal entry.

I do not desire my art practice be weighted with political perspective. My hand freely flows and often times reveals a future result.

Metaphorically speaking I believe on one level the 911 dream refers to me helping democracy in our government . Hillary meaning recommending democracy a word play.

I invite you to give comment and share your thoughts.“Helping Hillary” 2016, Renee Brown

The Race 2016″ Renee Brown

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